Dimensions : 5 x 8.25” 240 pages.

10 pre-sale

{PAGINAE CONSCISSIS}, which is Latin for PAGES TORN/TORN PAGES, is volume 1 of a series of books and art I will be working on releasing in the future. This book will be a very limited edition of hand written books and will consist of 240 personal journal pages that I have selected from a collection of my personal books I've written in of all my lexicon, thoughts, sketches and poetry. This first book is just a glimpse of my life and what I have had to go through along my journey of being an artist. The book, with all its messy, dirty, weathered pages and many spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors will represent me as an artist, as a person and as a human.  My life and journey has not been a perfect one and is full of mistakes and hardships, many which seem childish, but they are mistakes and hardships I've made, lived through and have had to live with none the less and I hope this book reflects that. I also hope it reflects the growth and change that has taken place in my life as an artist and as person. The book will look used, as if I  have previously owned it because I want it to feel like you as the supporter have and own something very personal of mine. As for this Pre-sale, it will also include 3 personal polaroids  and will allow the supporter to come in an hour before the show opens to have a few drinks and have a first look of all the artwork that has been made for the show.

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