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We're stoked to announce TCY retail spaces are near completion! If interested in setting up shop, feel free to hit us up. Please note we will only be responding to inquiries that are a potential fit for our space as we are looking for very specific vendors and collaborators. Cheers! 


Although TCY is not an event space, we are a creative collective with the capacity to facilitate and welcome collaborations that align with our ethos.  If you're interested in learning more follow the link below. 


Located in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles, The Container Yard continues to emerge as one of the most exciting urban renewal projects in the second-largest city in America. Its generic name, much like the bare brick walls that once housed the Japanese confectionary manufacturer Mikawaya, invites precisely the questions it has been reluctant to answer. For the past year, The Container Yard has eschewed defining itself in any certain terms, instead maintaining an artistic openness that pulsates with the hope and passion of unfettered possibilities. 

Occupying a formidable footprint on the city map, The Container Yard has made its mark on the city’s cultural consciousness. With the support of the community, the brick walls were soon covered in murals: three empty buildings and an enormous cooler became temporary canvases for the city’s emerging and established street artists who continue to play an integral role in the transformation of this post-industrial compound into a creative hub and artistic home. As The Container Yard has hosted a number of high-profile parties and events, both words and images are rapidly spreading about this exciting new space.

Moving forward, The Container Yard is committed to growing a locally sustainable ecosystem for the community with a global influence—what it likes to call sustainability through responsible commerce—by bringing in small, even experimental businesses for quality food and drink, innovative art and design, and ultimately inspiration and creativity.

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