//// Hansen's Soda X TCY ////

Hansen’s Soda held an event to display live painting of four vinyl wrapped SUVs. TCY brought together artists  Vyal, Defer, James Haunt , and Ricky Watts to paint the SUVs as well as a media wall filled with skateboard decks, guitars, and two snowboards which were painted as the night progressed.

Bartender Peter put a spin on Hansen's Mandarine Lime Soda and Orange Mango Soda and created refreshing cocktails aptly named Cucumber Gin Limeade and Mango Sangria.

Chef Lynne Tolentino, put together a menu for the event with a Surf & Turf style while infusing Hansen's Soda into her recipes. 

Featured Dishes:

  • Surf: Filipino Mussels w/ Coconut Milk & Seasoned Vegetables. Using Hansen's Orange Soda for the candy tangerine peels.
  • Turf: Carne Asada Mulitas w/ Cabbage Slaw. Using Hansen's Key Lime Twist Soda as vinaigrette. 
  • Dessert: Turon Panna Cotta w/ Filipino Banana Egg Roll. Using Hansen's Kiwi Strawberry Soda. 

A giveaway will be held for the skate decks on Instagram. If interested in winning these dope decks, follow The Container Yard and Hansen’s Soda for posts on further information.