//// The Outlier's Guild x TCY ////

The Outlier’s Guild Custom Motorcycle Show held its inaugural event with a myriad of motorcycle-centric sponsors, including Honda Motorcycles, Indian Motorcycles, Monster, Bell Helmets, Roland Sands Designs, WD40 and others. The occasion showcased the culture of vintage custom motorcycles juxtaposed with a mix of international mural artist's work. Displaying custom and modified bikes along with the work of artists and photographers inspired by motorcycle culture.

Indian Motorcycles put together a creative installation of mannequins with explosions of colorful paint and texture delivered by burnouts of a vintage bike inside a shipping container. Free to the public, hundreds of motorcycle enthusiast attended to admire the works of prolific bike builders. Indian Motorcycles and Roland Sand concluded the event with a sweet artistic burnout.

Featured designers include:

  • Roland Sands - Rolands Sands Design
  • Jay LaRossa - Lossa Engineering
  • Len Higa - Sleeper Speed Shop
  • Shinya Kimura
  • Brian Sloma - Spirit Lake Cycles
  • Kio Mitsuhiro - Kio's Garage
  • Kim Boyle
  • Craig Marleau - Kickstart Garage
  • Michael "Woolie" Woolaway - Deus
  • Michel Valle - Alchemy Motorcycles
  • Dustin Kott - Kott Motorcycles
  • Aaron Guardado - Suicide Machine Co.
  • Justin Webster
  • Samuel Kao - JSK Moto Co.
  • Ezikiel J. Dacanay - N°37 Garage
  • Todd Blubaugh

Featured photographers include:

  • Craig "CR" Steyck
  • Estevan Oriol
  • Matthew Jones
  • Dylan Gordon
  • Dimitri Coste
  • Todd Blubaugh
  • Sebastien Zanella
  • Preston Burroughs
  • Matt Wignall

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